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Mode N is a new concept of a terrestrial navigation system which is intended to ensure safe navigation in case satellite navigation is not available. It substitutes DME entirely but is backwards compatible to it. Mode N is a sustainable A-PNT solution and scalable for the use on commercial and general aviation and even unmanned aircraft. It will also enable military aircraft to navigate in civil PBN airspace without restrictions. Mode N fits perfectly in the ICNSS concept of ICAO and Eurocontrol and supports the establishment of a safe navigation in the future U-Space. 

In addition, the introduction of Mode N will release of a significant part of spectrum in the scarce resource aeronautical navigation frequency band providing the opportunity to place new systems in the band without limitations. Since it is backwards compatible to legacy systems the transition to Mode N is not bound to a fixed date approach.

Mode N is already validated by bench and field tests. The proven performance allows GNSS like navigation with a capability of RNP 0.3 and better.

This website gives you an introduction to Mode N. It provides an overview of the concept, the technical solution, and the advantages of Mode N. 

Download Mode N White Paper

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